Professional, efficient HMI design tool for car audio, cluster,industrial control.

The Best Software QD/QD Plus Software

Are you still hand-designed human-machine
interface?You still cumbersome UI design
and trouble?
Now,QD/QD Plus is an automotive UI tool that can help you solve these problems.

How to use QD/QD Plus?

Basic functions
1.Support the display of multiple languages.
2.Support text scrolling, text anti-significant change text color, font, left-aligned,center-aligned, and right-aligned.
3.Support the display of pictures, the movement of pictures.
4.Support rectangle filling, moving, dynamic changing of color and size.
5.Support the display of scroll bar.
6.Support Button,Animation,Image List.

Advanced functions
1.Support container. All the elements, such as text, images, rectangles, filling,container and other basic elements are combined into a whole show.
2.Support dynamic containers. Display any one container dynamically.
3.Support the display and movement of pictures.
4.Support events and actions. Artists can realize dynamic preview screen the condition of setting the events and the corresponding actions while not succeed in software development. Meanwhile events and actions can be generated C code for programmers to use in the late stage.

Main features
1.Save 2/3 of the development time, greatly reduce the labor costs and accelerate time
to market.
2.The product has been successfully used in a variety of industrial control, automotive
instrumentation and sound man-machine interface.—It has been through a lot of rigorous validation.
3.API is developed by standard C language. Code is written in accord with automotive
development standards - MISRA-C-: 2004.
4.API open source code and it is convenient for user to transplant
5.It has the characteristics of high efficiency, fast speed, small memory etc.
6.Automatically generate C code; users only need to write your own application logic.
7.Support events and actions, set in advance viewing dynamic images, events and actions generated C code for software developers to speed up the software development speed.
8.QD API Support all operating system.QD Plus Support Linux,WinCE,Windows.
9.Users will be able to develop programs with simulator in the case of no hardware(environment VC 6.0).

Support System

32 bit and 64 bit System


What is QD/QD Plus?
防爆电机 高压电机 上海品星防爆电机有限公司

QD/QD Plus is a HMI tool,that is convenient for the user to design UI, and generate C code automatically. Using the QD/QD Plus tool, users only need to design the screen, set the actions and events, which will be able to achieve rapid development of human-machine interface.The product provides API (well-designed interfaces, only two,save the cost of learning) that can be used by programmers to develop more complex logic, greatly reduce the software development cycle, and cost savings,ahead of the product time to market.QD support Black/White Dot Matrix LCD without OS.QD Plus used for TFT Screen and support Linux,WinCE,Windows.


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